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Fraser Valley Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling Serving Langley, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Clearbrook, Chilliwack, Yarrow, Sardis, Cultus Lake, Mission, Dewdney, Hatzic, Deroche, Whonnock, Harrison and Hope

Water Well Drilling, Water Well Repairs, Irrigation Wells, Commercial Water Wells, Residential Well Drilling

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Serving the Well Drilling Needs of the Fraser Valley

Local Well Drilling for the Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley Well Drilling specialize in the needs of our local property owners, providing quality water well services that stand the test of time. All water wells are drilled and completed to exceptional water well construction standards.

Water well drilling for Langley, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford, Clearbrook, Chilliwack, Yarrow, Sardis, Cultus Lake, Mission, Dewdney, Hatzic, Deroche, Whonnock, Harrison and Hope

Throughout the Fraser Valley of British Columbia water wells play an enormous part in everyday life for thousands of families and businesses. Water well drilling demands increase each year within the agriculture sector. We specialize in drilled wells for hobby-farms, domestic water wells, and many other applications that rely on the local aquifers and groundwater resources to sustain water demands.

Fraser Valley Well Drillers depend on their broad scope of local well drilling experienced while drilling for water in the many of the sub-surface resources along with a diverse range of geological environments to develop the best water well systems possible.

Whenever possible we avoid drilling excessively deep wells, our careful practices can prevent water well problems such as saltwater intrusion that occurs in different areas of Fraser Valley. Deep-hole drilling can greatly increase the overall cost to drill a well in the Fraser Valley.  By carefully planning ahead it's often possible to completetely avoid drilling a dry hole!

Are you looking for the cost to drill a well in the Fraser Valley? Our automated online system makes it easy! Well Drilling costs will differ from one area to another and even one property to another.

Request a FREE detailed estimate online and we will respond quickly with an accurate well drilling cost estimate generally the same day after researching the similar well drilling costs of comparable properties.

Our local Fraser Valley Well Drilling
service area includes Langley, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Clearbrook, Chilliwack, Yarrow, Sardis, Cultus Lake, Mission, Dewdney, Hatzic, Deroche, Whonnock, Harrison, Hope and when time permits we may be able to drill on Bownen Island, Squamish and Whistler.

Water Test Kits for Water Testing in the Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley
Well Drilling & Water Well Repairs

Quality water drilled water well systems cannot be understated, water wells are absolutely vital for thousands of Fraser Valley properties to thrive. Many properties suffer year after year with low yielding wells and many others whose water wells go completely dry.

Property values can be greatly affected by the lack of water or an existing sub-standard shallow well that perhaps, should have been replaced many years ago. If you've ever been required to haul water to just barely meet the basic water demands of a property during the hot summer months as many Fraser Valley property owners do you will completely appreciate what I am saying.

Fraser Valley Well Drilling is completely transparent with all well drilling costs, we avoid well drilling practices that may not be in the best interest of an property, we strive to provide fantastic service along with great results!

Fraser Valley Water Testing Services

Fraser Valley Water Testing

Water Testing is important for those who have a private water well or water supply, the responsibility for the safety and treatment of a private water system is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and or landlord.

Do you own property within the Fraser Valley or are you purchasing Real Esate with a water well serviced by a water well or a private water source? You alone are responsible for assuring your water is safe by period water testing.

Order your water test kit to test your well water in the Fraser Valley. also offers an automated water testing system to ensure that you have the right water test kit so you can easily test your well water on a regular basis. is a Fraser Valley Water Testing system that keeps you in control of your water samples with an important recorded history or your well water quality in the event that it is ever damaged.

Fraser Valley Home Water Treatment. Water Purification

Water Treatment Systems

How do you know if you need a home water treatment system or water purification in the Fraser Valley? It's important to first find out what's in your water that may cause it to require a water filter or water treatment.

Water wells should be tested independenty at least once a year, it's also important for you to control your own chain of custody.  Drinking water supplies obtained from shallow wells and surface water sources should be tested more frequently as they are typically more susceptible to contamination.

Whether you have iron water, hard water, a rotten egg odor that is causing smelly water, or a contamination issue that requires a water treatment or water purification system, we can help! 

Learn more about Fraser Valley Water Treatment and  the best home water treatment systems for your water, we will greatly simply the process and help you make the best choice.

Fraser Valley Well Pump and Well Pump Repairs

Fraser Valley Well Drilling

Fraser Valley Well Pump supplies, installs, replaces and repairs most types of water well pump systems including sump pumps and septic pumps for your new or existing system.

Whether you’re a contractor in the Fraser Valley, the owner of a home or cottage, or in the agriculture industry and need a water pumping system for irrigation we have an extensive line of well pumps, well pressure tanks, sump pumps, septic pumps and other related water pumping equipment.

Submersible Pumps (all with an extended 5-year warranty), Pressure Tanks (also with 5-year warranties)

Optional Upgrades:

Variable Frequency Drive, Sub-drive, Mono-drive, Centrifugal Pumps, Shallow Well Jet Pumps, Two Line Jet Pump Conversion.

We help advise Fraser Valley contractors and local homeowners on the best choice of water pumping system and on “smart technology” solutions, as water pumps and equipment advances and evolves.

Full Service
Well Drilling Experts

Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Whonnock, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Yarrow,
Sardis, Clearbrook, Harrison Lake, Hope, Mission, Dewdney, Hatzic & Deroche

About Well Drilling in the Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley Well Drilling drills water wells 12 months of the year, drilling a water well during the winter months is a great time to drill for many properties. All to often properties owners wait for the hot summer months to drill, by this time they are generally out of water or hauling water because their well has gone permanently dry.

Drilling for water during the summer may also be best for some properties for several reasons, one is the issue of access - it’s not always possible to access a property during the wet season.

The cost to drill a well may also be less during the slower seasons, Fraser Valley Well Drilling offers reduced well drilling rates throughout the winter, contact us to learn more about our winter well drilling rates!

Throughout the summer all trades in the BC Groundwater industry are extremely busy leaving many property owners waiting sometimes for 2-3 months for well drilling and well pump installations.

Fraser Valley Well Drilling drills water wells in Langley, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Clearbrook, Sumas Mountain, Promontory Heights, Chilliwack, Yarrow, Sardis, Cultus Lake, Mission, Dewdney, Hatzic, Deroche, Whonnock, Harrison and Hope

When the drilling schedule permits, we do drill for water on Bowen Island, Squamish and Whistler and many of the Gulf Islands, we are even equipped for remote drilling and are experts with heliportable drilling.

The well drilling costs on Bowen Island, Squamish, Whistler and the Gulf Islands are generally more affordable when there is more than a single water well that needs to be drilled, the additional costs to drill a well such as travel expenses can be shared among 3 or 3 property owners.

If you would like to know what it will cost to drill a well on your Fraser Valley property, we recommend that you begin by requesting an online well drilling estimate.

Once we have some basic information, we can quickly create a detailed well drilling cost estimate based on accurate data and specific for the property that you wish to drill. Well Drilling cost vary greatly from on area to another in the Fraser Valley.

Prior to drilling a well it's very important to give your well drilling site selection considerable thought. Well Drilling is costly and at Fraser Valley Well Drilling we are very diligent and want to provide the very best to our clients, everything possible needs to be considered to avoid dry hole drilling in the Fraser Valley.

When drilling for water you are paying by the foot to drill a well, because of our stellar reputation we are extremely busy and wish to keep all well drilling costs as reduced as possible for our clients.

We recommend that our clients consult with Colleen Roberts prior to drilling a well in the Fraser Valley, Colleen is a 30-year veteran in her field, she is considered one of the best in the world and known for saving property owners thousands of dollars when drilling for water.

Colleen is highly specialized in her profession and called on from all over Canada and the USA, fortunately she focuses most of her professional time on the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Bowen Island and the Sea to Sky region.

Fraser Valley Well Drilling Set-back Requirements

Fraser Valley Well Drilling Set-back Requirements British Columbia Ministry of Environment Regulations

Fraser Valley Water Wells Should Not Be:

1) Within a horizontal distance of 3 m (10′) of an existing building.

2) Within a horizontal distance of 30 m (100′) of any probable source of contamination or point of waste discharge to the ground, such as a privy vault, cesspool, septic effluent field, manure heap, stable or pig sty; or

3) Within a horizontal distance of 120 m (400′) of any cemetery or dumping ground.

4) Drilled within 50′ of a neighbors well – dug or drilled

Thousands of water wells in the Fraser Valley are not deep, in fact many wells will be far less than 200′ deep and many will be less than 50’

If a water well is located near potential sources of contamination, it’s vulnerable with a high potential for contamination and the possibly of causing serious illness or even death.

British Columbia Water Well Regulations & Ministry of Environment set-backs for water wells in the Fraser Valley are required and necessary to protect water resources from becoming contaminated from a multitude of possible sources.

To understand comparable well drilling depths, it’s best to locate the BC Ministry of Environment set-backs and refer to your local resources including well drilling reports, resources are available at BC Water Well Search and Fraser Valley Municipal Bylaws.

Potential sources of water well contamination would include waste discharge to the ground, such as privy vaults (also known as an outhouse or pit toilet), cesspool (“overflow” pits), underground storage tanks, septic tanks an effluent field, stable or pig sty, manure heap, fertilizers and pesticides, run-off from urban areas, even a cemetery or landfill sites.

A drilled water well located within any of the Fraser Valley communities should be located on higher ground when feasible to with proper well head protection from normal or seasonal flooding and possible surface drainage.

Both shallow wells and deep drilled wells located in the Fraser Valley may become seasonally vulnerable and should be located away from surface drainage ditches and all other potential sources of contamination.



Fraser Valley Well Drilling Services

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